About Us


FDT was founded by Fluor SA in 2013 as a B-BBEE ownership vehicle as well as for the upliftment of black disadvantaged students across South Africa in the built environment. The Trust was called Fluor Development and changed its name to Fatlhosang Development Trust in 2016.

Fatlhosang is a Tswana word which means enlightenment. FDT operates as an autonomous non-profit organization (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO). FDT is governed by a Board of Trustees and operates according to Trust Deed. Fedgroup is the appointed Trust Administrator and through their systems, disburses the bursary awards on behalf of Trustees.

FDT is a 10% shareholder in Fluor South Africa and receives dividend (when declared) to help with our operational cost as well as supporting our beneficiaries. FDT is a nonprofit organization which relies strongly on donations from the industry (usually for Socio Economic Development, Skills Development and Enterprise Development purposes). FDT is a 100% shareholder in the FDT Craft Training Centre and is intended to pay dividends that will help in operationalizing and providing sustainability to the Trust which will lead to increased number of our beneficiaries being supported. Both the FDT bursary programme and the Training Centre play a leading role in providing opportunities to youth with disabilities.


In 2016, FDT acquired a craft training Centre which is based in Secunda and has trained over 40 000 artisans. The Training Centre has been in existence for the past 31 years and have established itself as a nationally accredited, reputable training provider and decentralized trade test Centre. The training Centre is also seen as strategic in increasing the pipeline of craft resources that can be employed on our various infrastructure projects as well as help reduce the high unemployment amongst our youth.


  • Bursars must be South African citizens from a historically disadvantaged background.
  • There is no restriction or preference for a particular province.
  • Bursars must demonstrate academic potential through a previous track record of good academic performance.
  • Bursars who demonstrate financial need will be given preference.
  • There is a bias towards selecting female bursars.
  • Students must be registered for full-time study.
  • Students may be in any year of study


Student Development

FDT offers Psychosocial Support and we believe this differentiates us from other programs as we provide a Sustainable Holistic Programme for all our students. This holistic approach ensures that:

  • Sponsors’ investments are maintained
  • Bursars are retained and provided with the necessary tools to succeed
  • Ensuring well rounded development process producing ready for market talent.
Level 1 EME B-BBEE CONTRIBUTOR 50% Women Empowered

FDT as a B-BBEE vehicle for the upliftment of black disadvantaged students across South Africa, of which 50% are black women. FDT can also play an equity partner and bring black ownership to corporates that are looking at advancing their shareholding structure and improve their BBBEE compliance.

Governance Compliance

Corporates which partner with FDT can realise the following benefits:

  • Tax rebates donations due to our PBO status
  • Earn BBBEE points on Socio-Economic Development spend
  • Earn BBBEE points on Skills Development spend.
  • Every rand of investments and contributions made can be fully accounted for through our audit processes.